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The skyline's in Alberta's two major centres, Calgary and Edmonton, are always changing. While historically we have been known as a cities of urban sprawl, more and more people are opting for condominium living over the traditional single-family detached home.


With the change comes challenges. Inevitably, unique conflicts arise in condominiums where there are, simply put, more people living in a smaller space.


At Goodfellow & Schuettlaw we have experience representing all the various stakeholders in a condominium, from owners and developers to property managers and boards. Our goal is to assist those parties to minimize conflict and to adequately explain their rights and responsibilities when forming and maintaining a condominium property.


Our experience in construction and development enables us to provide knowledgeable and insightful solutions to address our clients’ needs. We often serve as general counsel to condominium boards and we are able to attend meetings to address various legal concerns.


Our condominium related services include:


  • Residential and commercial condominium construction and development

  • Condominium conversions

  • Establishment of condominium boards and condominium administration

  • Assistance with construction defects and New Home Warranty claims and, if necessary, litigation

  • Resolving disputes between owners and condominium boards

  • Resolving insurance and damage claims

  • Drafting by-laws and by-law amendments

  • Assisting boards in dealing with by-law infractions and collection of outstanding condominium fees

  • Assisting owners in ensuring the board is acting properly

  • Review of condominium documents

  • Purchase, sale and refinance of condominiums

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