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Shaun P. Chorney



          Risk-reward analysis is critical when deciding what action to take in a legal matter. I ensure clients have an accurate understanding of the pros, cons, and probabilities associated with their options.


  • Alberta, 2021

Areas of Practice:

  • Construction Law

  • Employment Law

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Corporate

  • Real Estate


Shaun works extensively with organizations and individuals involved in development and construction. He advises on a wide range of legal issues commonly arising in the industry including construction leins, deficiency and delay claims, bidding and tendering, and project financing. He assists his clients throughout a project’s life cycle, whether drafting contract terms and conditions prior to engagement or litigating disputes that arise later on.  


Shaun maintains a significant employment law practice, representing both employers and employees in wrongful dismissal claims, human rights complaints, and employment standards complaints. He assists his clients in drafting employment contracts, compensation plans, workplace policies, and non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. Additionally, he advises on privacy law issues and matters concerning occupational health and safety.


Shaun also assists his clients with corporate governance matters, real estate transactions, and corporate and commercial transactions. He is a is a forward-looking lawyer who brings value to his clients by identifying likely risks and outcomes from the outset of a legal matter. Shaun’s approach empowers his clients to make strategic and informed decisions and ensures that matters are managed efficiently.   

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